Sorry, we're not open yet!

However, you can try one of our really early demos of a horse in an arena. This will give you an idea of what's in store for you when the game opens. If the horse won't respond to your keyboard please click on it and try again. If you don't see a horse in an arena on the screen then your browser needs a Flash Player.

  • Use your keyboard to control the horse.
  • Up and down arrows control speed.
  • Right and left arrows control direction.
  • Right click to zoom in and out.

What Is This?

Whoa-Horsie is an MMO game in development where you can play as a horse, human or predator in a wild western adventure.

When Does It Open?

Right now our BETA opening is planned for 2015. We want to open the game to our BETA testers as soon as we finish the rest of our animations.