Information For Parents

Our Mission strives to give people ages 16+ a place to relax and share their mutual love of horses. Our focus is to educate as well as stress realistic equine care and management in hopes to stop the abuse and slaughter of more then 40,000 to 80,000 equines a year. This game in particular stresses the steadily declining wild horse population around the globe and hopes to educate teens in order to stop the destruction of the last truly free horses in the world. Members learn there are consequences for their actions and in this way our game encourages them to act responsibly. It is our hope that these values will be instilled in future generations.

What Is This? is a wild horse MMORPG. It allows members to pick one or more characters: horses, humans and predators. Members in experience, interact and explore the world as though they were the character they selected. In this way they act out, or role play, the character's life from beginning to end.


Wild horses explore the range, migrate with the seasons, and try to evade capture by humans and injury from predators. Captured horses experience life on the ranch and in western competitions. In either case they will be introduced to a social circle of other member's playing horse characters.


Wild predators lead a life similar to horses. They must explore the range, migrate with the seasons and hunt for their next meal while evading humans. Predators are typically encouraged to become a part of a larger social circle of other member's playing the same type of predator.


Humans are tasked with catching, taming, training and showing wild horses. Once they have a horse of their own they can enter it into western competitions. They can become a part of a larger ranch or create and manage their own ranch over time.

Is This Game Age Appropriate? is intended for teens 16 and older. While the game does not intend to promote mature themes, due to the nature of gameplay, it is possible situations may arise which are inappropriate for younger children. All player messages are logged to transcripts and a language filter is in place to limit profanity.

This game has little monitoring by staff. Instead it uses a kicking system in which all members are responsible for reporting and dealing with inappropriate behavior on the game.

How Do I Keep My Teen Safe?

Talk to your teen about Internet safety. Discuss why it's inappropriate to give out personal information such as email address, first and last name, address, and telephone numbers. For more information on how to talk to your teenager about Internet safety please visit this website published by the FBI.

How Do I Remove My Teen From This Game?

Please contact us and include the email address your teen is using to play the game and your teen's account will be closed.